Healthy Gums
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Healthy Gums
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Sohee K. Park, DMD, MHS

Diplomate of the American
Board of Periodontology

Dr. Sohee K. Park is a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. She specializes in periodontics, dental implants, and laser periodontal therapy. Our practice specifically focuses on the cosmetic and conservative treatment of gum disease, both surgical and non-surgical, as well as dental implants to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or an entire edentulous arch. We incorporate the latest technology with minimally invasive surgery, cone beam CT Scan, and digital imaging. Dr. Park and our dedicated team work closely with your general dentist to ensure that you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile that you desire.

Periodontal Procedures
Dental Implants
→ Laser Periodontal Therapy
→ Cosmetic Procedures
→ Soft Tissue Graft Surgery
→ Crown Lengthening Surgery
→ Pocket Depth Reduction Surgery
→ Bone Regeneration Surgery
→ Extractions
→ Sinus Lifts
→ Orthodontic Exposures
→ Frenectomy
→ Biospy
→ Non-Surgical Therapy
Our goal is to educate
you about periodontal disease and its many systemic ramifications as well as to guide you through the necessary steps to achieve oral health. Our team of professionals is dedicated in helping to provide you with the necessary tools and resources to accomplish your dental goals. We welcome any questions and concerns you may have as our very own.
Our comprehensive approach
to periodontal disease always places a strong emphasis on its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We strongly believe that in a healthy smile, you’ll find a more confident and beautiful you.